Job Scams

Job Scams

Explore the world of job scams and arm yourself with knowledge to navigate the job market safely. Uncover the signs of fraudulent job offers and gain insights into safeguarding your job search.

The Fraternity of bogus job offers

In today's highly competitive landscape, securing a job is a challenging endeavor, prompting individuals to capitalize on every available opportunity. In their pursuit of genuine employment, graduates often distribute their resumes to numerous companies, feature their profiles on job portals, and diligently respond to TV and newspaper advertisements.

The challenges faced by job seekers have inadvertently become an opportunity for a group of job scam operators. These individuals exploit both fresh graduates and experienced professionals, aiming to deceive them. The scammers lure victims by making enticing promises regarding employment opportunities, ultimately leading them to pay for a job that may never materialize. Below, we unveil some of the most prevalent job scams that pose a threat to unsuspecting job seekers.

Warning Signs of Job Scams:

Payment Requests for Employment:

Job scammers often approach individuals with seemingly lucrative job offers that may not even exist. They claim that you are the ideal candidate meeting their specific criteria. These fraudsters entice you with false promises, gradually revealing their scheme by asking for payments for training materials and paperwork. However, these requests are entirely illegitimate, and once you make the payment, you are likely to lose your money with no actual job opportunity.

Soliciting Credit Card and Bank Account Information

Job scammers employ deceptive tactics, creating an illusion of a legitimate employment opportunity. In some cases, they may go to the extent of falsely claiming that you have been hired based on your academic achievements, without even conducting an interview. If you fall for their scheme, they will cunningly request your bank account and credit card details under the pretext of processing your salary, which, in reality, you will never receive.

Receiving a Job Offer from a Non-Business Email Address

Legitimate companies typically use official email addresses that reflect their business name. If you receive a job offer from an email address with non-business extensions like Hotmail or Gmail, it raises concerns about the authenticity of the offer, and you should thoroughly verify its credentials.

Interviews Conducted Through Instant Messaging (IM)

Legitimate companies typically conduct interviews through face-to-face interactions, telephone calls, or virtual interviews. If you encounter a job offer that requires an interview via instant messaging (IM), it is a clear red flag, indicating that the offer is likely a job scam. It's advisable to disregard such offers to protect yourself from potential fraud.

Protect Yourself from Job Scams:

When approached by a company with a job offer, conduct thorough research to verify the authenticity of the company before committing. Be cautious of job offers that promise exceptionally high salaries, as scammers often use lucrative financial incentives to entice victims. Refrain from disclosing sensitive information such as credit card details until you have visited the company's physical location and ensured its legitimacy. Job scammers thrive on blind trust, so it's crucial to exercise skepticism until you have verified the credibility of the job offer. The eagerness to secure quick employment and earn substantial income in a short period increases the vulnerability to job scams. Always pursue job opportunities that align with your qualifications and skills through legitimate channels.


Sample - 1 :-

Dear Applicant, Thank you for submitting your resume and expressing interest in our organization. We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm to join our company. To proceed in our selection process, kindly complete the enclosed online job application form. Submit the application along with your educational certificates, international passport, and other relevant documents for the final selection. We will review all applications and choose candidates whose qualifications align with our needs. Your application will undergo careful consideration during the initial screening. If selected to continue in the recruitment process, we will contact you. We wish you every success and thank you for your cooperation. Best of luck! HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER. REGARDS. MANAGEMENT OF SKY PETROLEUM COMPANY.
For more details, please refer to: Sky Petroleum Job Scam

Sample - 2 :-

Bulk Email : P&O CRUISES CARNIVAL UK CUNARD CARNIVAL HOUSE-4 PACIFIC WEST 100 HARBOUR PARADE SOUTHAMPTON, LONDON-UNITED KINGDOM TEL / FAX: +448445896208 +44-8719152612 Web Link: PERSONAL DETAILS: DATE: Name: * Date of Birth: * Nationality: * Current Location: * Gender: Position Applied For: Department Applied For: * Contact Telephone Number: * * Required fields. SHIPPING PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE {IF ANY} / JOB EXPERIENCE Vessel GT Engine Kw or HP Position held From date To Date Company Name ATENTION TO INFORM ALL OUR CANDIDATE. DONT FILL UP THIS JOB APPLICATION AND INTERVEW FORM. IF YOU DONT HAVE MONEY TO PROCESSING YOUR VISA FEE. ONLY CAPABLE CANDIDATE WHO IS INTRESTED TO BEAR HIS OR HER VISA FEE. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OUR INTRESTED CANDIADTE. Note: Applicant must follow up procedures and bear their visa registration expenses in their respective home country before visa will be granted Online Interview Form a. What is your International Passport number? b. What is your present salary per month? c. What is your full contact address? d. What is the financial status of your family? e. What categories of jobs are you looking for? f. Have you travelled to any other country before; if yes specify your purpose of visit. g. Do you want to travel with your family, if yes, how many are they. h. Why do you wish to join our company? Explain. i. How did you heard about our job opening? j. When would you available to join us? K are you capable to bear your visa processing fee....... yes or no........?
Email :
Name : Soumya
Phone : 9742193829

Sample - 3 :-

Bulk Email :
Mayems Limited Attachments11:48 AM (1 hour ago) to me Mayems Limited, 21 East Butterfield Court, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN3 8JG, 02/10/2018. Dear Ashraf Hamdy, Mayems Limited United Kingdom has rounded up this recruitment exercise. Management and the Recruitment team agreed that all recruitment exercise should be completed as soon as possible so as to begin the recruitment proceedings to meet up with our Schedule. This mail contains the decision the Recruitment team along with the HR Department regarding your application. After due consideration, management have decided to offer you a job in our establishment. The recruitment team came to a conclusion that you are the best candidate to fill the vacant job position. We will want you to read this email and the attached contract carefully. We are satisfied with your qualifications and also your answers to our interview questions. This recruitment process is a very brief one because of the urgency to fill our vacant positions. In this quick search we have deemed you fit to handle the task at hand. Attached to this mail is a contract of Agreement cum Appointment Letter prepared by our legal practitioners. You are expected to go through it, print it out, sign and date at the bottom if you are satisfied with the terms we offer as stated in the contract. Thereafter you are to send us a scanned copy of the signed Contract for the purpose of filing and other office protocols. Note: We will encourage you to contact the UK Border force agent (Andy Baldwin) working with us so that you can get your Valid UK Visa, Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit / Resident Permit and the rest of your Travel Documents in due time so you can get to the UK before or on the date of your Resumption. You are to contact the Border Force United Kingdom via e-mail and also send scanned copy of the signed contract to them. You can contact the agent via or consult. We congratulate you as our latest employee and we hope that you will repay the faith we have in you by working with us faithfully if you accept our offer.
Regards Marlon King HR Department Attachments area
Email :
Name : Ashraf
Phone :

Sample - 4 :-

I got a mail on 9th december 2017 by a mail id I. e., (Humber river hospital, canada) for sending them my updated resume, after same days then I got another mail, for fulling the application form, then Preliminary interview questions, and then final interview on Skype, this all process taken approx 27 days, and finally now on 12th of January I found a job offer letter, a LMIA certificate, and a Canadian Immigration Authorization letter, now after searching on internet I found that, all were fake. But I have a little confusion about all that mail. So please can anybody help me to get out from this issue, or anybody can give me the contact or mail id of HR- Head of Humber river hospitals.

Sample - 5 :-

Dear sir I am XXX from last 2o days I got a call from person prakash kumar kandi a scamer he said he has an offer for waiter job in hong Kong spice garden restaurant so then he said there will be phone interview and he told after the offer letter should pay 10 000 rs and after visa should pay 20000rs and after air ticket should pay again 20000rs total 50000rs so then phone interview came and got passed and then the person told offer letter will come so then it came so they I sent 10000rs in prakash kumar a/c then he told send fitness certificate not medical certificate for abroad job but ony fitness certificate of local hospital then I sent him and after 10 days he told the visa will come so it happend the visa came so he demanded to send 20000rs in his a/c so I didn't send without the the passport stamping in required country the visa will not come so I had the passport so I thought something is wrong and the visa was looking like scam so I all this I discussed with some knowledged people who had gone abroad so they told it is scam and in order to confirm I made call to that hong Kong restaurant number in China so they told there is no job ee don't know anything and we don't know any about prakash kumar kandi so I thought I got scammed and my money gone so I my life is now in panic situation So then i so in your site which is www.ripandscam. com for which last year same problem got took place that was mr francis razario his and my offer letter matches the same So please sir find him His name and number is Prakash kumar kandi 7605877660 He is a fraud a scamer who plays with innocent people life please find him and his number is working presently. ..and if will send all the documents which he has sent me offer letter and visa which are scam

Sample - 6 :-

The Kensington Hotel
109-113 Queen's Gate
South Kensington
United Kingdom

Dear Applicant,
We have received your application regarding the job placement here at the Kensington Hotel. After going through your CV/RESUME, the Hotel Management have considered hiring you for your service. Attached herewith is an Interview Form containing some questions which the management would like you to answer. As soon as we receive your response to our questions we will furnish you with more details as regards your job application. I want to also inform you that the Hotel Management will fully support you as regards the procurement of visa and all other supporting documents that would be required for you to proceed to the United Kingdom.
Note: I wish to inform you that delay of the form may lead to termination of your appointment and consideration of another applicant.

Vincent OGorman
Director of Human Resources
The kensington Hotel

Sample - 7 :-

Dear Applicant,
In the outcome of our exercised over your job application received from our recruitment agency to our current job vacancies. We have reviewed your file and the preliminary interview is set up for you,and after our carefully screening of your resume, your file has been considered to offer you with your desire position to be part of our Irving Oil Canada. Our contract agreement letter has been drafted it will be sent to you immediately after the below listed documents have been received for further processing of the approval of your job with us and for your visa and work permit file diplomatic preference processing endorsement to our immigration home office here in Canada.
Please Provide a Copy of the Below Documents so you will be furnished with the Job Agreement and Employment Letter.
a) Copy of Travel Passport
b) Copy of Educational Qualifications
c) Copy of Address Proof (Gas or Electricity Bill of Current Address)
d) Copy of Reference Letter from Previous Employer (if any)
e) Primary Medical Record n ot Less than 6 months Old (if any).
Carefully print out the Application form and interview question, fill the application form and answer the interview questions with ink pen and send it back to us as soon as possible.
Irving Oil
Chief Recruiter:
Mr. Alex Crook
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Sample - 8 :-

I have been selected by Agarwal Hospitality Ltd for their restaurant in Georgia as HR Manager. The interview was conducted in late Feb 2016, where I was told that if I am selected then they would let me know. Just on Saturday that is 16th of April 2016 they call me and conversed with me on telephone where they confirmed me about the job. Today they sent me the job offer letter. .everything is fine. ..but they mentioned that I have to pay Rs.70000 Indian Ruppee for my visa ticket and documents verification. They would reimburse the same once when they give my first month salary. But searched their website on the Web which is , I could not find anything. Also about the restaurant for which I am hired "SPICE". .that is also not visible . Now what am I supposed to do.? Should I spent that much amount. .or this is another fraudulent company. please help and advise. I am anxiously waiting for your response.

Sample - 9 :-

Dear XXXy,
On behalf of BE Company, I would like to thank you for your confirmation. Due to our current expanding BE LLC is hiring people. The initial stage of your career with our company is your 3-weeks probationary period. The guaranteed compensation for this period is 1920 USD. As our Service Manager you will help us with telephone calls, correspondence, variety of projects (as there will be a need to know the details on the current economic situation in your local area). When you have access to our company`s intranet secure system, your direct manager will help you to start performing your duties and responsibilities. When you complete the initial stage, you will be a full-time employee. Your salary will be 4650 USD per month. The information on our benefits program will be provided then. Please review the attachment with the document carefully and send it back with your signature.
Ann Best, BE Company HR representative
For more details refer :Job Application Scam Example

Sample - 10 :-

Dear Recipient!
Welcome to Whitfield General Care Hospital (New Plymonth), New Zealand, Application received in response to our vacancy advert, We acknowledge the interest shown by you to work with Whitfield General Care Hospital, New Zealand. Your CV has been received and viewed by Recruitment Unit and your CV was found quiet interesting as it is matching the requirements needed by Whitfield General Care Hospital. Due to the volume of applications that we receive, it is not possible for us to conduct a face to face interview and to respond to all applicants individually that's why we have decided to send you the job application/interview questionnaire below. KINDLY ANSWER THE BELOW.
Your full Name:
Marital Status:
Direct contact number:
Tell us about yourself:
Why did you think we should offer you employment with us?
What post did you think you can work perfectly if offered employment?
Why did you leave your former place of work?
Can you report your supervisor to your head of department when him/her is going against the company rules and regulations?
Can we trust you? and why did you think we should trust you?
Is four (4) years renewable contract fine with you?
Are you relocating with your family?
Net Monthly salary from 8,000.00 NZ Dollar.
Free airline ticket Life Insurance Paid Vacation benefit Regular training and promotion Study Scholarship to one child of each Employee Medical care and free apartment for family and single for full time employees, We are anticipating a quick response to this requirement, which you have to answer and send back to us with the scan copy of the below. Then you will be inform the next step to be taken. You should be fast with this enrollment. SCAN AND SEND International passport Educational Certificate Photo passport(taking with 3 months) Note: Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted and do not submit the application/interview questionnaire, if you are not ready to relocate to New Zealand. Regards, Dr. Luke Nathaniel, Director, Human Resources Department.
Resources Department.
Email :
Name : Jincy C John
Phone : 9629450674