Adoption Fraud

Adoption Fraud

Being a target of adoption scam can be emotionally draining and devastating in many forms, that is why you should always be patient and do your due diligence every step of the way when planning to adopt. These adoption frauds can happen any time of the day and through any platform, even when professionals are involved, hence, it is a must to be alert and attentive. Falling victim to an adoption scam can be emotionally harrowing and manifest in various devastating ways. This underscores the importance of patience and thorough research at every stage of the adoption process. Such frauds can occur anytime, anywhere, and sometimes even when professionals are part of the process. It's imperative to remain vigilant. Furthermore, it's essential to understand that not all adoption scams are financially driven. Being well-informed about illicit activities in the adoption realm is crucial to ensure you're not misled. Let's delve into how these scams operate and the best ways to sidestep them.

Warning Signs
If you're considering adopting a child, be cautious and look out for these indicators before finalizing your decision or parting with any funds.
Concerns with an Expectant Birth Mother

  • Absence of tangible proof of pregnancy
  • Non-responsiveness to emails and phone communications
  • Unclear or inadequate contact information
  • Hesitation or outright refusal to liaise with an adoption agency or representative

Adoption Agency Warning Signs

  • Insists on having you sign documents before you have had the opportunity to read and understand them thoroughly.
  • Attempts to build an emotional bond by referring to the child as "yours" even before the adoption process has been officially completed.
  • Makes unsolicited contact, trying to enlist you as a prospective adoptive parent.

If you or someone you know is considering adoption, share these cautionary pointers with them. If something feels off or you encounter any of the situations mentioned above, always take a moment to investigate the individuals or organizations involved more thoroughly.

Most common adoption scam cases

In pursuit of personal and financial advantages, scammers exploit unsuspecting adoptive parents using the following methods

  • An adoption agency that charges excessive fees or takes money for services not provided.
  • An alleged expectant mother promising multiple families and accepting cash or essentials from them, regardless of her intention to follow through with the adoption process.
  • An adoption intermediary who provides insufficient details about vital background information or a child's physical, emotional, or developmental history and issues.
  • An individual, posing as a prospective birth mother, who collects money from potential adoptive parents for living expenses and other costs without the capability or intention to finalize the adoption process.

How can you prevent online adoption scams?

  • Obtain verifiable proof of pregnancy.
  • Prioritize in-person meetings.
  • Always engage with reputable professional adoption agencies. If considering a private attorney to guide you through the process, ensure you thoroughly research both the attorney and any associated agency or organization before committing.

What to do if you are victim?

Being a target of adoption scam Realizing that you've become a victim of an adoption scam can be heart-wrenching and emotionally devastating. It's a betrayal that preys on hopeful parents-to-be, turning what should be a joyous occasion into a nightmare. However, it's essential to remember that you're not alone, and there are steps you can take to protect yourself further and potentially bring the perpetrators to justice.