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Good day there! I request you to read this letter to the end because I wasn't able to make up my mind 4 a long period of time to write a mail to you. It's not in my nature to send notes to the menfolks 1st. My name's jade. I'm just 41 yr old. I live in KAZAKHSTAN. I am a believable and plain-spoken girl. I am trying to find trust-based relationship only, based on strong feelings and ability or truth. The difference in age is not a real problem for me. I've got 2 universaty degrees and I'm a doc of Highest Category. Also, I have worked abroad for several times and I've visited different countries too. I work a lot and it is time to hunt for a partner with whom I would be able to form a serious romantic bond. If u are looking for a frank and plain-speaking girl, perhaps we will be able to form romantic bond. In my mail I send to you a picof me. I hope you will find enjoyable my picture and u will write me back ASAP. In your mail I'll be so pleased to watch your return shots and to listen to some details of you. I'll answer u back when I get your mail. It is necessary: I do not play games and I'm not going to show any photographs of ***** me. If you are tend to have photographs of bare me or to have my money, I am requesting you not to answer this letter. But if u're an unmarried man who is ready 4 the trustful relations, I will be thrilled to have your e-mail. Tell please of yourself and your birthplace.

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