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Hello. I hope you are in a good mood. Do you mind getting to know each other? First of all, I want to introduce myself. Maybe it looks too reckless when woman does the first I was difficult do first Steps start writing To you But I sure that would not be left without your response Well I guess it's time to tell you why I wrote to you first letter I want find sincere not married and impartial human with whom I would like to communicate. I have been living alone for a long time I like it exercise outdoors I really like fitness and exercise and outdoor activities. I love evening walks around cities, enjoy beautiful views and spend your free time with benefit I read a lot and constantly expand I read books a lot and constantly expanding my horizons. I I love cook and as my say Friends This it turns out Very Fine. Please tell about yourself and your live and hobby How your days usually go by What do you usually do in your spare time ? I I don't want to distract and i hope that my letter to your operational answer I Want tell you more about yourself next letter I will happy to report our communication with mutual interest. I send you mine photo and hope you reciprocate photos and I hope you love me back. I wish you a good day and good mood.

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